Annual Meeting 2017

The FloodNet Annual General Meeting is an opportunity to bring together researchers, scientists, engineers, and water resource managers from all levels of government and the private sector to discuss the current progress of the NSERC Canadian FloodNet research program. Click on the links below to access the Scientific Program and Registration. 

The 2017Annual Meeting was held on June 27-28 2017 at McGill Universities New Residence Hall in Montreal, Québec. The program abstract and presentations can be found below.



FloodNet Annual General Meeting 2017 Scientific Program

FloodNet Annual General Meeting 2017 Book of Abstracts

Note: Some presentations were made at the AGM but are not posted here because they are initial results or under consideration for publication.



Theme 1 - Flood Regimes in Canada: Learning from the Past and Preparing for the Future

Project 1.1 - Update of Current Flood and Storm Quantiles

Donald H. Burn



Project 1.1 - Investigating Techniques for Flood Quantile Estimation in Canada

Shabnam Mostofi & Donald H. Burn



Project 1.1 - Improved Homogenous Group Formation for Regional IDF Estimation

Zhe (Emma) Yang & Donald H. Burn



Project 1.2 - Spatial and Temporal Variation of Extreme Events: Research Update

Fahim Ashkar


Project 1.2 - Changes in Flood Regimes as Inferred from Long Record Gauging Stations

Donald H. Burn and Paul Whitfield



Project 1.2 - Discrimination Between Statistical Distributions for Hydro-Meteorological Frequency Modeling

Ismaila Ba & Fahim Ashkar


Project 1.2 - Model Selection Methods for Hydrological Frequency Analysis

Ismaila Ba & Fahim Ashkar


Project 1.2 - Extracting Peaks Over Threshold (POT) Data from Daily Discharge Records and Presenting them in an Informative Manner

Babacar Dieng & Fahim Ashkar


Project 1.2 - Intervalles de Confiance du Quantile D'Order P D'une LOI GPD

Mounada Gbadamassi & Fahim Ashkar


Project 1.2 - Seasonal Frequency Analysis of Floods in Canada

Bakary Simpara & Fahim Ashkar



Project 1.3 - Analysis and Applicability of Future Extreme Events in Regional and Local Context

Hussein Wazneh, Altaf Arain & Paulin Coulibaly




Project 1.3 - Future Evolution of Hydrological Processes in Southern Ontario: Example of the BIg Creek Watershed

Olivier Champagne, Altaf Arain & Paulin Coulibaly


Project 1.3 - Assessing Nonstationarity in Rainfall Extremes and Changes in Future Design Rainfall in NA-CORDEX Regional Climate Models Across Southern Ontario

Poulomi Ganguli & Paulin Coulibaly


Project 1.4 - Development of New Methods for Updating IDF Curves in Canada

Van-Thanh-Van Nguyen & Research Team


Project 1.4 - SMEx Rain: Statistical Modeling of Extreme Rainfall Processes in the Context of Climate Change

Truong-Huy Nguyen & Van-Thanh-Van Nguyen



Project 1.4 - Stochastic Modeling of Daily Rainfall Process in a Non-Stationary Context

Sarah El Outayek & Van-Thanh-Van Nguyen


Project 1.5 - Spatial Changes to Flood Prone Areas in Urban Environments

Andrew Binns, Yiping Guo, Slobodan Simonovic, Zihao Zhang & Tommy Kokas



Project 1.6 - Development of New Flood Estimation Manual for Canada

Donald H. Burn



Project 1.6 - Development of New Flood Estimation Manual for Canada

Martin Durocher & Donald H. Burn



Project 1.6 - Best-fit Statistical Distribution and Regionalization Techniques for Flood Frequency Analsyis in Canada

Ziyang Zhang, Donald H. Burn, Tricia A. Stadnyk & Peter F. Rasmussen



Theme 2 - Quantifying and Reducing the Predictive Uncertainty of Floods

Project 2.1 - Comparison of Ensemble Forecast Methods for Operational Streamflow Forecasting Based on a Single Model

Bryan Tolson



Project 2.1 - Canadian Surface Prediction Archive  (CaSPAr)

Juliane Mai, Kurt C. Kornelsen, Bryan Tolson, Paulin Coulibaly, François Anctil, Vincent Fortin, Michael Leahy & Brent Hall



Project 2.2 & 2.4 - Update on Projects 2.2 and 2.4

François Anctil


Project 2.2 - Hydrological Post-Processing of Streamflow Forecasts Issued from Multi-Model Ensemble Predictions Systems

Jing Xu & François Anctil


Project 2.2 - A Multimodel Data Assimilation Framework for Hydrology

Antoine Thiboult & François Anctil



Project 2.4 - Water Level Forecasting and Flood Warning: Hydraulic Model of Cahudiere River: Calibration/Validation and Parametric Uncertainty Analysis

Mohamed Amine Bessar, François Anctil & P. Matte


Project 2.5 - Optimal multi-reservoir Operation Based on a Combination of Short-Term and Mid-Term Forecasts

Amaury Tilmant, Hajar Ashouri, François Anctil & Bryan Tolson




Theme 3 - Development of the Canadian Adaptive Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System (CAFFEWS)

Project 3.1 - Evaluation of Flood Forecasting and Warning Systems Across Canada

Trish Stadnyk & Paulin Coulibaly



Project 3.1 - Uncertainty in Streamflow Simulation: Hydrological Analysis of the Upper Assiniboine River Basin

Ammer Muhammad, Paulin Coulibaly & Trish Stadnyk


Project 3.2 - Real-time Spatial Information Evaluation and Processing

Aaron Berg, Tracy Rowlandson, Elene Ueckermann, Elizabeth Wrona, William Woodley, Manoj Nambiar, Matthew Williamson, Erica Tetlock


Project 3.2 - Characterizing Runoff Ratios over Canadian Watersheds using Satellite Derived Soil Moisture

Elene Ueckermann, Aaron Berg & Catherine Champagne


Project 3.2 - Trends and Variability of Snow Water Equivalent in the Northern Hemisphere

Hester Scheepers & Thian Yew Gan



Project 3.3 - Enhanced Information Communication Systems - Project Update

Wei Song & Weihua Zhuang



Project 3.3 - Token-Based Adaptive MAC for Two-Hop Device-to-Device Communications

Weihua Zhuang & Qiang Ye



Project 3.3 - Collaborative Message Distribution via Device-to-Device Communications

Jianguo Xie, Wei Song & Xi Tao



Project 3.3 - Device-to-Device (D2D) Data Dissemination with Power Budget Constraints

Yiming Zhao & Wei Song



Project 3.4 - Canadian Adaptive Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System (CAFFEWS) - Project Update

Paulin Coulibaly


Project 3.4 - Uncertainty Estimation through Bayesian Forecasting System (BFS)

Shasha Han, Daniela Biondi & Paulin Coulibaly




Project 3.4 - Sensitivity and Parameter Variability of SWMM5 Model in Semi-Urban Distributed Watershed

Frezer S. Awol & Paulin Coulibaly



Project 3.4 - Geo-statistical Approach to Compare Radar Estimated Precipitation Data and Conventional Surface Rain Gauge Measurements - A Case Study for Humber Watershed

Dayal Wijayarathne & Paulin Coulibaly


Project 3.4 - Evaluation of SNODAS Snow Depth and Snow Water Equivalent Estimates for Eastern Canadian Watersheds: Ontario

Zahra Zahmatkesh, James Leach, Paulin Coulibaly & Trish Stadnyk



Project 3.4 - Evaluation of Snowmelt Estimation Techniques for Enhanced Peak Flod Prediction using Mac-HBV

Jetal Agnihotri, Tara Razavi, Paulin Coulibaly & Dominique Tapsoba



Project 3.4 - Assessing Reliability of 6-hourly and Disaggregated 1-hourly Canadian Precipitation Analysis (CaPA) Data

Pedram Darbandari, Tara Razavi & Paulin Coulibaly


Project 3.4 - Multi-objective Optimization of Don River PCSWMM/SWMM5 Model

Tara Razavi & Paulin Coulibaly




Project 3.4 - Interdependence of Hydrological Model Parameters and Precipitation

Kurt C. Kornelsen & Paulin Coulibaly



Project 3.4 - Data Assimilation of Soil Moisture and Snow Water Equivalent into Hydrologic Model of an Urban Basin

James Leach, Kurt C. Kornelsen & Paulin Coulibaly



Theme 4 - Risk Analysis of Physical, Socio-Economic and Environmental Impacts of Floods

Project 4.1 - Role of Floods on Aquatic Ecosystem Condition

Marguerite Xenopoulos, Elena Bennett, Sarah D'Amario, Ceara Talbot, Christina Fasching, Jim Rusak, Henry Wilson, Nicole Armstrong, Aisha Chaindet, Michael Paterson & Robert Metcalfe



Project 4.1 - Changes in the Export of Nutrients and Carbon During Extreme Climate Events Across Landscapes

Marguerite A. Xenopoulos & Sarah C. D'Amario


Project 4.1 - Nutrient Budgets Calculated in Floodwaters using a Whole-Ecosystem Experimental Manipulation

Ceara J. Talbot, Michael J. Paterson & Marguerite Xenopoulos



Project 4.1 - Hydrology and Land Use Control DOM and Nutrient Patterns in Stream

Christina Fasching, Henry F. Wilson, Sarah D'Amario & Marguerite Xenopoulos


Project 4.3 - Modeling Based Integrated Assessment of Flood Impacts

Kamrul Hossain & Amin Elshorbagy



Project 4.3 - Impacts of Land Use and Climate Change on the Drainage of the Davis Creek Subwatershed

Jun Wang & Yiping Guo



Project 4.5 - Assessing and Planning for the Socioeconomic Impacts of Floods

Niko Yiannakoulias, Amin Elshorbagy, Darren Scott and Marguerite Xenopoulos


Project 4.5 - A Method to Assess the Impact of Flooding on Traffic Flows in Hamilton

Nosheen Alamgir & Darren M. Scott