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Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship

Posted: May 27, 2015 in Government Partners

The Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship's priority is to protect, preserve and sustain our province's natural resources, which include Manitoba's fisheries, forests, parks, wildlife and water.

"TomorrowNow - Manitoba's Green Plan" is an eight-year strategy for protecting the environment, while ensuring a prosperous, environmentally sound economy. The plan was recently strengthened to reflect current issues and opportunities, which include a greater focus on the health of Lake Winnipeg, parks and protected lands, and wildlife populations and habitats. Manitoba also moving forward with an aggressive new strategy to enhance recycling and waste reduction.

Manitoba's water supply remains one of the province's most precious resources and we continue to develop policies and programs to ensure it remains clean, available and sustainable. Furthermore, our recent amendment to The Water Protection Act addresses the issue of invasive aquatic species, such as zebra mussels, that threaten our aquatic ecosystems.