Partners Advisory Committee
Hydrologic and Hydroclimatic Studies Section Head, Water Resources Engineering Department, Manitoba Hydro
Ms. Kristina Koenig is a Professional Engineer and the Head of the Hydrologic and Hydroclimatic Studies Section at Manitoba Hydro. Her Section provides specialized engineering and expertise to customers throughout Manitoba Hydro in the areas of climate change impact studies, hydrology, watershed modelling and inflow forecasting.
Director, Hydrologic Forecasting and Coordination, Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation
Dr. Unduche was born and raised in Ethiopia and did post-graduate work in Norway and the Netherlands before obtaining a PhD in water resource engineering from the University of Manitoba.
Dr. Neelam Gupta
Manager, Hydrology & Hydraulics, Credit Valley Conservation Authority
Research scientist - Hydrological Forecasting, Environment Canada
Dr. Vincent Fortin is Research scientist in hydrological Forecasting with Environment Canada. He is also Adjunct professor at Université Laval, Department of Civil Engineering.
Dr. Edwin Welles
Hydrologist/Director at Deltares USA