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Mohammed Amine Bessar

Université Laval

Mohammed Amine Bessar, Ph.D. Candidate

Research Topic: Ensemble forecasting of water levels in rivers

Related FloodNet Project: Evaluation of flood warning based on a hydraulic model with assimilation and hydrological ensemble forecasts

M. Amine Bessar is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in in Water Engineering at Université Laval with a passion for understanding, analysing and modelling hydrologic and hydraulic phenomena such as floods.  Before joining Université Laval in January 2016, Amine accumulated an extensive experience of more than 8 years as a Hydraulic/Hydrology consulting engineer in Morocco. His work involved many projects related to water resources engineering: hydraulic and hydrologic modelling for floodplain delineation; design of hydraulic structures; water quality analysis and modelling, and water management and protection.  Amine’s interests involve developing skills in ensemble hydraulic and hydrologic forecasting, uncertainty quantification and reduction, data assimilation, satellite and spatial data analysis and interpretation for calibration and data assimilation in hydraulic modelling.

Supervisor:  Dr. François Anctil