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Sarah El Outayek

McGill University

Sarah El Outayek, Ph.D. Candidate

Research Topic: Stochastic Modeling of Extreme Hydrologic Processes

Sarah El Outayek is currently a PhD student at McGill University in the Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics. She holds a B.Eng. degree in Civil Engineering with a minor in Environmental Engineering from the Lebanese American University (Lebanon). In 2015, she joined McGill University to pursue her M.Eng. degree in Civil Engineering, with concentration in Environmental Engineering, then she fast-tracked her Masters to PhD and started her doctoral studies in January 2016. Sarah is involved in theme 1-4 of the FloodNet project, and her research area is mainly focused on techniques related to modelling and prediction of extreme rainfall and flood events.

Supervisor:  Dr. Van-Thanh-Van Nguyen