Our People

Mabrouk Abaza

Université Laval

Mabrouk Abaza, Postdoctoral/Research Fellow (Finished)

Research Topic: Postprocessing of Canadian ensemble meteorological forecasts issued, by exploiting their recent reforecasting product over 32 days

Mabrouk Abaza is currently a Postdoctoral/Research Fellow in Hydrology at Université Laval. Mabrouk holds Ph.D. (Water Engineering) and M.Sc. (Water and Environment) degrees. He succeeded during his education to forge a general engineering profile in the Rural Engineering, Water and Forestry field.  Mabrouk comes from a multidisciplinary education that helped him to have many experiences in hydraulics, hydrology, hydrogeology, fluid mechanics, soil mechanics as well as technical knowledge in terms of modeling and GIS.

Supervisor: Dr. François Anctil