Our People

Jongho Keum

McMaster University

Jongho Keum, Postdoctoral/Research Fellow

Dr. Jongho Keum joined McMaster Water Resources and Hydrologic Modeling Laboratory at McMaster University as a Postdoctoral Fellow in 2014, and is working with Dr. Paulin Coulibaly. He holds a Ph.D. in Water Engineering from Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and Utah Water Research Laboratory at Utah State University, and Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Science degrees from Korea University. Dr. Keum’s research interests cover hydrology, water resources systems and engineering, and decision-support tools for water resources and quality management. Dr. Keum currently works for the FloodNet project, specifically in Theme 3: Development of Canadian Adaptive Flood Forecasting and Early Warning System (CAFFEWS), and the HydroNet project, which develops a decision-making process to design hydrometric networks.

Supervisor: Dr. Paulin Coulibaly