Project 3-3
Theme 3

Enhanced Information Communication Systems


Dr. Weihua Zhuang (University of Waterloo)


Dr. Wei Song (University of New Brunswick)

Dr. Paulin Coulibaly (McMaster University)

Objective:  Investigate and develop effective and efficient wireless networking strategies to reliably transmit FloodNet sensing data to the information processing center and disseminate flood warning messages to the general public in a timely manner.

Significance:  Due to potentially devastating damages from floods to lives and properties, enhanced information collection and communication is essential to assist the FloodNet framework in preventing costly impacts on the economy and casualties caused by disasters.

Outcomes: We will develop new integrated systematic approaches for reliable transmission of spatially distributed data collected from various sources to an information processing center. We will also develop effective and efficient information dissemination strategies (algorithms and protocols) to deliver timely alerts of the flood forecasting system to the general public. The outcomes from Project 3-3 will feed directly into CAFFEWS.