Project 3-5
Theme 3

Application and Testing of CAFFEWS in Selected Regions across Canada


Dr. Donald Burn (University of Waterloo)


Dr. Amin Elshorbagy (University of Saskatchewan)

Dr. Paulin Coulibaly (McMaster University)

Objective: To provide an impartial and thorough evaluation of CAFFEWS in a variety of forecast settings for conditions typical of Canadian forecast situations.

Significance:  The efficacy of CAFFEWS for forecasting in a Canadian environment needs to be evaluated to determine under which conditions the new system can provide improved forecasts and to quantify the range of expected improvements in forecasting capability.  This work will lead to implementation recommendations that our partners can use to revise their current flood forecasting approaches.

Outcomes:  The outcomes from this project will include: i) a rigorous evaluation of CAFFEWS for a variety of differing data availability conditions and forecasting environments; ii) a summary of the conditions for which CAFFEWS is anticipated to result in improved forecasts; and iii) an estimate of the expected magnitude of improvement in the various forecast performance metrics.