Volume # 1 August 2016

flash FloodNet Volume #1 is officially released. The newsletter is a new form of regular communication both within FloodNet and to the public at large. 

Click here to download a pdf of the newsletter.


Human or Nature? Contributions to Changes in Streamflow in Canada

Xuezhi Tan & Thian Yew Gan
A research summary of an article published in Nature Scientific Reports looking at anthropogenic and natural drivers of changes in streamflow.


Possible Impact of Climate Change on Future Extreme Precipitation Events of Southern Alberta

Mesgana Gizaw and Thian Yew Gan
A research summary of an article published in the International Journal of Climatology showing the impact of climate change on extreme precipitation in Southern Alberta.


Stationary or Nonstationary? Annual Maximum Streamflow of Canada

Xuezhi Tan & Thian Yew Gan
A summary of research published in Journal of Climate exploring the long term changes of annual maximum streamflow in Canada.


Overview of River Flood Forecasting Practices in Canada

Sanjeev Jha, Zahra Zahmatkesh Aliabadi & Peter Rasmussen
A primer for a research report to be release at the 2nd Annual General Meeting. Dr. Jha and Dr. Aliabadi visited 10 flood forecasting centres for a look at policies, databases, forecast procedures and models used. Their report will highlight the current state of forecasting in Canada and the ways the FloodNet can support these partners.