The management structure of FloodNET involves a Board of Directors (BOD), a Research Management Committee (RMC), a International Scientific Advisory Panel (ISAP), a Partners Advisory Committee (PAC), and an Administrative Centre led by a Network Manager. Each of the four themes has a Working Group consisting of researchers and partners involved in the theme.


The Network’s Board of Directors holds the highest decisional level and governs the network. The Board has representation from partners and universities involved in the network.

The Board provides oversight of all Network activities and is responsible for the management, direction and financial accountability of FloodNet in compliance with NSERC’s regulations and conflict-of-interest rules. The Board meets annually to set and review Network policies, monitor progress and decision-making, and approve the annual budgets recommended by the Research Management Committee. The Board sets policies for and approves the admission and withdrawal of partner organizations.


The Research Management Committee (RMC) is responsible for the general management and execution of the research plan.

The RMC is composed of theme leaders and co-leaders and is chaired by the principle investigator. Through the chair, the RMC reports to the Board of Directors, providing updates on progress, and making recommendations about new research projects, allocation of annual funds and resources, and new partners and network members.


The role of the International Scientific Advisory Panel (ISAP) is to provide recommendations on the research directions of FloodNet and independent review of network scientific results.

The ISAP was formed from leading international scientists in the areas of flood forecasting and flood mitigation. Feedback from the ISAP will be used to refine ongoing research, improve performance and ensure credibility of FloodNet results.  


The principal mandate of the Partners Advisory Committee (PAC) is to ensure the industrial relevance of the research activities in FloodNet.

The PAC is formed from representatives from all industry and government partners.  They meet to discuss the needs of partners, and the implementation and use of research results. The PAC makes recommendations to the Research Management Committee for new directions that will address the research needs of industry and government.