Masters Positions

None at this time.

Ph.D. Positions

None at this time.

Post-Doctoral Positions

None at this time.

Internships and Exchanges


FloodNet-Ontario Climate Consortium (OCC) Joint Internship Opportunity:

Short internships are available for FloodNet HQP to receive support in the knowledge translation of research for non-academics. Please see here for details.


Internship Opportunity at United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH)

There is a call for an intern to join UNU-INWEH. This unpaid position will hopefully begin in January 2018 and the term is a minimum of three months with a maximum of six months.

Online link: http://inweh.unu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/VACANCY_Intern-2017.3-SDG.pdf


FloodNet Interships - Overview

The FloodNet internship and exchange programs aim to facilitate networking, mobility and exchange of HQP between partner organizations and universities.  An internship position allows HQP to work at a partner organization for up to 6 months, while the exchange program allows HQP to work at another university research lab for up to 5 months.

Link to Procedure for Position Allocation: http://www.nsercfloodnet.ca/files/InternshipProcedure.pdf


Partner Employment Opportunities


Ontario Power Generation is looking to hire a full time Water Resources Engineer to join the great team we have in Niagara. The full job ad can be found by searching for Engineer, Water Resources – Niagara – 1800517 on https://mypowercareer.com.


Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is looking for a results-driven dynamic team player to join our organization in the role of Engineer, Water Resources. 

OPG’s Water Resources Department provides expertise, products and services related to the management of OPG’s hydroelectric assets.  There is a strong technical component related to watershed management through the development of inflow forecasting models, data analysis and climate change assessment.  The work involves technical studies on watershed management and hydropower production in order to support operating decisions related to meeting environmental requirements and conditions of existing policies, agreements and regulations.  In addition to the development of water management policy and plans, the team provides support for the continuance of tenure, and inter-jurisdictional regulatory compliance issues.

This is an ideal role for an Engineering professional interested in the opportunity to apply knowledge and expertise in a climate that fosters high standards of performance, innovation and personal growth.


This is an exciting opportunity to work in an environment where you will contribute to Ontario Power Generation’s continued growth and success in generating safe, clean, reliable low-cost power in a sustainable manner.


I would encourage individuals with commensurate degrees and qualifications to apply through the My Power Career website.


Note the deadline is May 18, 2018.


Saskatchewan Water Security Agency

We are currently looking for a Flow Forecasting and Operations Planning Engineer to join our team. This individual would play a large role in modernizing our flow forecasting and reservoir management models and be integrated into our team that is responsible for forecasting flows for the Province and directing the operation of our major water management infrastructure. The ideal candidate would be a team player, have strong communication skills, and be proficient in hydraulic and hydrologic modelling.

Please click here for full job posting.