On Tuesday June 16, NSERC FloodNet hosted a very informative workshop with Dr. Edwin Welles of Deltares-USA on the applications and benefits of the Delft-FEWS product. The group, shown above, was presented an overview of the FEWS capabilities and its global uses for water supply management, flood forecasting, reservoir operations, and other uses. Participants were also given a hands-on experience with Delft-FEWS doing some river forecasting in the Great Lakes Basin.

Participants also had a productive discussion about how FloodNet could be an interface for implementation of Delft-FEWS in watersheds across Canada in collaboration with our Partners.

This open workshop was followed on June 17 by a workshop for FloodNet HQP where Dr. Welles walked participants through the steps to create a FEWS adapter for the MacHBV model. This experience will be invaluable towards the goal of helping build model adapters for Canada. A special thanks to Dr. Welles for the hard work and great instruction.

Members of the FloodNet should also mark there calendars for a similar workshop with DHI scheduled for September 18, 2015.