Dr. Coulibaly will be convening a session on behalf of FloodNet at the 2018 AGU taking place in Washington, D.C. on the 10-14 of December.

The session will focus on: ensemble hydro-meteorological forecasting to enhance short-term flood mitigation strategies and long-term flood risk management. Advances may include enhanced understanding of flood processes, improved ensemble analysis and prediction methods, modelling and forecasting techniques. Targeted topics relevant to the session focus include: estimation of flood regimes,  ensemble or probabilistic hydro-meteorological forecasting, downscaling of meteorological forecasts as well as forecasts pre- and post-processing , hydrologic modeling in a flood forecasting context, in-situ and remotely sensed data assimilation, uncertainty quantification and forecast verification, assessment of forecasts in terms of economic value, risk analysis of socio-economic and environmental impacts of floods, and applications of short to medium range flood forecasts.

Submissions for abstracts are now open via the link below.