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Presenter: Nicholas Kouwen, kouwen@uwaterloo.ca        http://www.watflood.ca


GK – Green Kenue

Dec. 7 WF overview

  • Example of the 2015 spring forecast for the Grand River in Ontario
  • Break
  • Install WF files & GK
  • GK: Pre & Post processor for WF
  • GK: File formats, display capabilities
  • Lunch
  • WF setup for Don R. from basic data (DEM, Land cover, WSC flows, Climate data)
  • Break
  • Continue WF setup
  • Q & A

Dec. 8

  • Working with WF – post processing in GK: time series extraction; animation
  • Outline of real-time data availability for flow (or flood)  forecasting
  • Downloading in GRIB2 format:
  • RDPA – CaPA: CMC Regional Deterministic Precipitation Analysis (for hindcasting)
  • Regional Deterministic Prediction System (RDPS) – 10 km
  • Global Deterministic Prediction System (GDPS) – 0.24  0.24 degree resolution
  • Viewing & animating GRIB2 files in GK
  • GK tricks – working with various coordinate systems: LatLong, UTN, PS, Lambert conformal
  • Downloading the past month CWS provisional flows for streamflow nudging
  • Break
  • Processing forecast sequence using WF programs to create WF readable GK format files for use by the WF model
  • Executing a forecast
  • Lunch
  • Description of the WF files (event) setup for doing daily flow forecasts
  • WF calibration
  • break
  • WF setup in FEWS (tentative)
  • Question & Answer