The main theme of the conference is:
Water management at all scales: reducing vulnerability and increasing resilience

This conference will be an opportunity to learn about recent research and case studies in the field of science and water management. Participants with various expertise will reach Hotel Montreal Bonaventure for this event, in an ideal place to foster exchanges and for the emergence of innovative solutions in the field of water.

Many subjects related to water will be discussed during the conference, particularly those of interest for two CWRA committee: Canadian Committee for Irrigation and Drainage (CANCID) and Canadian Society for Hydrological Sciences (CSHS). In addition, the conference will host many sessions about groundwater, in collaboration with the Canadian Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH-CNC).

The following FloodNet HQP and Investigators will be presenting:

25 May 2016 - Session #132 - Hussein Wazneh (HQP McMaster University) - Identification of hydrological neighbourhoods using statistical depth function

25 May 2016 - Session #123 - Tommy Kokas (HQP University of Western Ontario) - Evaluating the effect of urbanization on flooding in the Black Creek sub-watershed

25 May 2016 - Session #134 - Amaury Tilmant (Investigator Université Laval) - Sharing the benefit foregone associated with environmental flows in a multireservoir hydropower system

26 May 2016 - Session #222 - Kamrul Hossain (HQP University of Saskatchewan) - A Comparative Study of the Flow Generation Algorithms in MESH Hydrological Model

26 May 2016 - Session #224 - Shabnam Mostofi Zadeh (HQP University of Waterloo) - Pooled flood frequency analysis in Atlantic Canada

26 May 2016 - Session #234 - Bharath Raja (HQP University of Saskatchewan) - Integrated flood risk assessment and zonation of a prairie watershed

27 May 2016 - Session #314 - Hussein Wazneh (HQP McMaster University) - Historical spatial and temporal climate trends in southern Ontario