DHI Canada and the Academy by DHI will be hosting two training seminars at McMaster University.

02 May 2016 - Introduction to Implementation and Operation of a Modern Flood Forecasting System

This one day workshop provides an introduction to the opportunities, benefits, challenges, and requirements for implementing a modern flood forecasting system. Although many of the concepts and workflows will be generic in nature, the presentations will focus on the features, functionality, and capabilities of DHI's data management, decision support and operational forecasting system.

(See the Poster Here).

03-04 May 2016 - Flood Forecasting System Development: Introduction to Setting up and Running a Modern Flood Forecasting System

This two-day, hands-on course provides an introduction to MIKE INFO and MIKE OPERATIONS and will also provide an introduction to the process of developing a model adaptor to allow MIKE OPERATIONS to communicate with third party hydraulic and hydrologic models.

Note: This course is geared towards FloodNet members. Experience with hydrologic and hydraulic modelling is required as well as a background in C# programming. The Microsoft C# Tutorial can be found here, but there are many other free tutorials on the web.

(See the Poster Here).