Dr. Amin Elshorbagy, a professor of hydrology and water resources engineering at the University of Saskatchewan, is a licensed professional engineer with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists (APEGS) of Saskatchewan, and a licensed professional hydrologist with the American Institute of Hydrology (AIH). The research and expertise of Dr. Elshorbagy are focused on, and link, the areas of hydrologic and water resources systems modeling and decision analysis through synthesizing the results of various modeling tools and techniques to support the decision making process. Dr. Elshorbagy also works extensively on integrated water resources systems modeling of trans-boundary rivers, attempting to address the challenges of sustainable utilization of water resources in light of the past hydroclimatic conditions as well as possible future changes. The areas of expertise and interests of Dr. Elshorbagy include system dynamics and emulation of complex models, stochastic hydrology, data driven hydrology, watershed modeling, flood modeling in the Canadian prairies, uncertainty analysis, multicriterion decision and risk analysis, impact of climate change on water resources and urban systems, and use of proxy records (tree rings) for extending augmenting hydrological records. Professor Elshorbagy is currently an Associate Editor of both Water Resources Research and the Journal of Hydroinformatics, and has been serving on technical and scientific committees of several international conferences in water and geosciences. Amin is a co-leader of Theme 4 of FloodNet; leading the research on the physical impacts of floods on water resources systems, urban, and rural areas, as well as developing flood risk assessment framework.