Weihua Zhuang is a Professor at the University of Waterloo with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, as well as a Tier I Canada Research Chair in Wireless Communication Networks. Professor Zhuang also has fellowships with the IEEE, Royal Society of Canada (RSC), Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE), and Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC).

Professor Zhuang’s current research involves engineering solutions for future communication networks, for applications in industrial IoT, autonomous driving, and smart communities, to name a few. Her research program encompasses topics such as network virtualization and slicing, service customized topology for virtual network over both wireless and wireline domains, adaptive networking protocols for virtual networks, and multi-dimensional resource allocation for transmission, processing, and caching. The research is empowered by both technical insights from model-based theoretical analysis and machine learning tools, in order to efficiently and effectively accommodate temporal-spatial dynamics and uncertainties of data traffic load due to user mobility and new use cases. Through her research, Professor Zhuang hopes to develop cost effective algorithms and protocols for network automation in future integrated space, air and terrestrial communication systems, to facilitate various new applications and to enhance users’ experience.